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“We are female medical providers and mothers who understand the challenges of parenting and breastfeeding firsthand.  We want to be on this amazing journey with our patients and families, form a deep connection with them, and guide them along the way.” 

Tailored Pediatric Medicine is a Direct Primary Care (DPC) pediatric specialty practice. 


DPC is a simplified model of primary care for your children, where you pay us directly for your child’s all-inclusive care.  We believe that by removing third-party payers (insurance companies,) you get more access to us, better medical care, and a stronger patient-provider relationship.  DPC provides patients and families with longer appointments, more convenient care, and better education to be empowered as parents and healthy growing young people. Our goal is to provide patient and family-centered care, that is unrushed, thoughtful, and personalized to your child.

Kelly Parker-Mello, MD, FAAP

As a physician and working mother of two, Dr. Kelly Parker-Mello is an expert in pediatric medicine. Dr. Kelly values evidence-based medicine, which is grounded in scientific research and best practices. 

“I do not believe that we have all the answers in medicine, nor that we as parents and members of society are making the best decisions all of the time. But I do believe that I do my utmost to make the best decisions with the information that I have in the moment, as physician, mother, and person.”


Dr. Kelly is a child health expert with a broad understanding of the present-day challenges to our children’s health and well-being.  She uses her vast knowledge of medicine to provide top-level care based on current recommendations and guidelines. Her curiosity for the sciences pushes her to look beyond the boundaries of her western medicine training.

“It is vital to be open to many types of medical modalities and use my medical training and knowledge to help families navigate this often-confusing world of healthcare, parenting, and life.”


Dr. Kelly also has a unique approach to patient care and medicine.


“I would best describe my style of medicine as, thoughtful. I do not mean “thoughtful” in the kind and caring way (although I do whole-heartedly value kindness and empathy), but thoughtful in the sense that I take the time to listen to my patients’ concerns, understand their perspective and think through their medical presentation. I do not want to leave any stone unturned, any question unanswered, or any doubt still present. I am proud of the care I provide because of my thoughtfulness and my desire to take care of the whole patient. Their physical body, mental health, and emotional well-being.”

Dr. Kelly

(she, her, hers)


Sherry Pleau, PNP

Sherry is a board-certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner and mother of three growing children. Sherry has vast experience in the pediatric world that ranges from working with underserved children to hematology and oncology at the world-renowned Massachusetts General Hospital for Children. 

“I was drawn to medicine and pediatrics in particular, due to the challenge and patient connection within this area of medicine. No two patients are the same, and every individual patient is continuously growing and changing. This challenge, of meeting a patient and family where they are, is what I love about medicine and pediatrics.” 

Sherry values a growth mindset, always trying to increase her knowledge and acquire more skills to serve her patients. She is in the process of obtaining a Pediatric Primary Care Mental Health Certification, to help address the growing need for families experiencing developmental, behavioral, and mental health challenges.

“Adolescents and teenagers with mental health struggles are at epidemic levels. Our society is not supporting these kids adequately. I recognize that I cannot fill this gap for everyone, but if my time, kindness, and expertise are able to support young people and their families when they need it most, I could not imagine any career or life path more worthwhile.”


(she, her, hers)

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